BIONIX - универсал

Powdered synthetic detergent
«BIONIX» for hand wash

Washing powder “Bionix” for hand wash is intended for pre-wash and main wash of cotton, flax and mixed fibres in all types of washing machines, both professional (industrial) and domestic ones, and for hand wash.


– anionic surfactants 5-15%
– non-ionic surfactant less than 5%
– sodium percarbonate
– carboxylmethylcellulose
– tetraacetylethylenediamine
– defoaming agent
– phosphates less than 5%
– phosphonates
– polycarboxylate
– enzimes
– optical brightener
– fragrance.

Shelf life 24 months

TU 2381-001-92979730-2012

Packing: 450g carton.

Multiple packing 24 cartons in corrugated box.


A reliable supplier for federal networks and major companies in Russia and neighbouring countries since 2010. Over 600 tonnes of finished products a month.

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